Floor Is Lava makes games and other fun things.

If you'd like to know more about Floor Is Lava, or are interested in working with us, drop us an email at lava@floor.is, or tweet @floor_is_lava.

Floor Is Games

MASTERSWORDS — Make words and talk trash to win over your enemies. Produced by Asymmetric and Floor Is Lava for Amplify.

STEPBALL — A lively team sport for people who don't need all the running around.

NEWTON for OSMO — Draw in the real world to drive gameplay on your iPad. Produced by Tangible Play with design and programming by Josh.

MIME BOXING — A quick and chaotic playground game for crowds that can be played anywhere that aggressive miming is called for.

SOLAR SURFING IN OPTI SPACE — Explore a pocket universe of geometry and music.

Floor Is News

26 May 2016
Floor Is Lava's Gamepost project was selected to be a part of this year's Market Street Prototyping Festival.
14 March 2016
Floor Is Lava and Barking Mouse were interviewed about their upcoming game for Project Tango in the Google Developers Blog.
18 September 2015
Josh presented some Games For An Evening Of Conversation as part of Come Out & Play SF 2015.
20 July 2015
Stepball made an encore appearance at Come Out & Play NYC. Good times were had by all.
2 January 2015
We're now working out of the Gamenest, a coworking and event space for indie game devs in San Francisco.
14 September 2014
Stepball has been named an Official Selection for IndieCade 2014. It will be run at the festival the weekend of October 9-12.
21 July 2014
Stepball was featured at the Come Out & Play festival on Governor's Island in New York, where it won the Best Sport award.
22 May 2014
Osmo, an iPad accessory that enables tabletop computer vision-based gameplay, is available for preorder, shipping in Q3 of this year. The system features Newton, with design and development by Josh.
16 Feb 2014
Josh gave a talk at IndieCade East, on learning to make games from magazines in the microcomputer era. The slides are posted on SlideShare.
11 Nov 2013
Mime Boxing was featured at Come Out and Play SF 2013 over the weekend. The SF Bay Guardian describes the game as "a rowdy free-for-all of imaginary walls and temporary alliances," which is better than anything I could come up with.
15 Oct 2013
Solar Surfing in Opti Space is available in the App Store for iPad and iPhone. Make beautiful music while flying your space pod around mysterious suns.
2 Aug 2013
Voyage of the Starship Lexicon was featured at Casual Connect SF as part of the Indie Prize Showcase. Good times were had by all.
18 Jul 2013
A new version of Voyage of the Starship Lexicon is now available for iPhone and iPad in the iTunes Store. This version features a new puzzle mode, and has extra levels available as in-app purchases. Go forth and make cool words!
13 May 2013
Onnecheo is now out on Kongregate. Connect the dots to make shapes and solve puzzles.
27 Mar 2013
Low Rollr is now available for Sifteo Cubes. Roll your cubes to score big points, or take special actions to mess with your opponents. If you're at GDC this week, you can play Low Rollr at Sifteo's booth.
07 Dec 2012
Voyage of the Starship Lexicon is available on the Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire. Make words in space by rotating tiles in the grid. Tour the solar system and challenge yourself on different planets that offer a wide variety of gameplay options.
06 Dec 2012
Flaar Amaris is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Flaar Amaris is a simple musical toy: tap the screen to make flowers bloom and chime. It is (hopefully) the first in a series.
23 Nov 2012
The new Sifteo Cubes are out and shipping. Cube Buddies comes with the system.
07 Oct 2012
Good times were had by all at IndieCade, and Chroma Shuffle was well received. Josh made a video about the game for the festival.
17 Sep 2012
Josh gave a talk at the Game Design Conference in San Francisco, on designing for new user interfaces. You can check out the slides if you like: (SlideShare) (PDF)
30 Aug 2012
Sifteo announces its next-gen Cubes, featuring Cube Buddies.
24 Aug 2012
Chroma Shuffle is a finalist at IndieCade 2012!

Floor Is Lava is a design and consulting firm in San Francisco that makes offbeat games and other fun things. Recent releases include playground game Stepball (Best New Sport at Come Out & Play 2014) and musical arcade flyer Solar Surfing in Opti Space, as well as collaborations with Tangible Play (Newton, for the award-winning Osmo play system); Asymmetric (Masterswords, Silver Medal at the 2015 Serious Play Awards); and more.

Floor Is Lava is run by Josh Lee, a veteran designer and developer. Prior to founding Floor Is Lava, Josh was the creative director at Sifteo, where he created many games, including Chroma Shuffle (IndieCade 2012 finalist). He has also worked on titles for Nintendo, Sega, and others. Josh has spent the last decade creating playful experiences that are fun and accessible to people with a broad range of tastes and abilities. All he really wants is for you to be happy.

You can reach Josh by email at josh@floor.is or on Twitter at @joshleejosh.