Low Rollr is a game of luck and bluffing for Sifteo cubes. Roll your cubes to outscore your opponents, but watch out for the Low Rollr! The Low Rollr can play special actions to gain an advantage. Roll hard and outwit your friends to win!

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Low Rollr is produced by Floor Is Lava and published by Sifteo. If you have questions or any problems with the game, contact Sifteo Support. If you have general feedback or want to say "hi," email lava@floor.is.

How To Play

Each player grabs a cube.

Roll your cube for points: shake it, flip it, whatever! (Don't tell the other players your score.)

Whoever rolls the smallest number is the LOW ROLLR!

The LOW ROLLR gets to play a special action. Neighbor cubes to pick the target for the special action.

If you're not the LOW ROLLR, look out for bonus points! If your cube says 'ROLL,' roll it to grab the bonus!

After seven rounds, the player with the highest score wins. Play your actions wisely and be the HIGH roller! good luck!

Strategic Tips

You can't see other players' scores, but you can keep track of who is and isn't getting low rolls. Someone who isn't getting a lot of low rolls must be racking up a lot of points.

Play it cool when going for bonus points. It just takes a subtle shake to get the point, but if you make a big deal of it, the Low Rollr might decide to pick on you.

Try different ways of rolling your cube: toss it in the air, or spin it on the table. (Just don't break it!) The way you roll doesn't affect the points you get, but you'll look cooler.

Watch out for quiet players. The quiet ones are the ones are always the sneakiest.