Flaar Amaris is a musical graphical thingy for the iPhone and iPad. With pretty flowers.

Tap to make flowers bloom. The flowers play musical notes. Drag to arrange the flowers. Don't drop the beat.

Download Flaar Amaris from the App Store.

Flaar Amaris is made by Floor Is Lava. If you have questions or comments about the app, email lava@floor.is.

How To Use It

Tap to plant a flower.

A flower plays a musical note when a petal blooms or fades.

Drag a flower off the edge of the screen to destroy it.

Drag a flower down to the corner for help.

More Tips

Each flower is uniquely generated from a custom batch of hand-crafted random numbers.

The number of petals a flower has is determined by where you tap.

The more petals a flower has, the higher the note it plays.

Stereo positioning is determined by a flower's horizontal position. Everything sounds better with headphones on.

The color of a flower doesn't affect anything, but colors are nice.