Gamepost is a system of signs that encourage positive engagement with public spaces by presenting simple games for people to play while walking down the street.

Gamepost games are designed to be played by anyone who comes across them, with no special equipment, devices, or skills required.

A Gamepost sign is a reminder that you have permission to play in your city.

Gamepost signs were installed near Market and Drumm as part of the 2016 Market Street Prototyping Festival, October 6-8.

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[Gamepost - Uptrending] [Gamepost - Color Count] [Gamepost - Street Spell]
[Gamepost - Next Bus Bid] [Gamepost - Earsdropping] [Gamepost - Toot Tooter]
[Gamepost - Unrelated Twins] [Gamepost - Unrelated Twins] [Gamepost - Color Count, Unrelated Twins] [Gamepost - Color Count, Unrelated Twins]


Play while people-watching with a friend.
1. Pick a color (NOT blue or black).
2. Look around for people wearing that color.
3. Count as many as you can in a minute.
4. The color worn by the most people wins.

Play while walking around the neighborhood.
1. Look for something by itself.
2. Look for a pair of things, then a set of three, then a set of four, and so on.
3. How big of a group can you find before you get to your destination?


SF Planning Department and and YBCA for putting on MSPF.

Exploratorium Studio for Public Spaces for advice, referrals, and miscellaneous nuts and bolts.

Gamenest members for providing feedback and playtesting.