SOLAR SURFING IN OPTI SPACE is a game that lets you explore a pocket universe of color and music. Tilt your iPhone or iPad to steer your space pod, surf in the gravity well of a dark sun, and dive through its corona. Perform tricks to rack up points, but avoid crashing into planetary debris. Featuring dynamic art and sound that respond to your motions, SOLAR SURFING IN OPTI SPACE is a game that can be played like a musical instrument.


  • Skillful gameplay: Slingshot around mysterious suns and do big tricks to score points.
  • Physical controls: Tilt your iPhone or iPad to steer your space pod; controls are direct and tangible.
  • Dynamic audio: The game's music responds directly to your actions: tilt to control the melody, raise your score to change the sound.
  • Psychedelic visuals: Raise your score to see the universe explode with color.
  • Inner peace: Move slowly to go fast. Focus on what is inside you.


Solar Surfing in Opti Space
Floor Is Lava
iPad and iPhone
Release Date:
October 15, 2013


About Floor Is Lava

FLOOR IS LAVA is a studio of one based in San Francisco, owned and operated by veteran designer Josh Lee. Floor Is Lava makes games and other fun things that encourage everyday play.

Prior to founding Floor Is Lava, Josh Lee was creative director at Sifteo, a startup creating interactive blocks for tangible play. Before that, he worked as a systems and content designer on a wide variety of games, ranging from racing titles on Wii to PC MMORPGs.

Recent releases by Floor Is Lava include Voyage of the Starship Lexicon (in collaboration with Caper Academy), Onnecheo, and Low Rollr.

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