A version of these games was presented at An Evening of Conversation, part of Come Out & Play SF 2015.


Take a handful of mixed beans from the bowl.
Decide what winning means for you.
Trade beans with other players to win.


On the count of six, make a sign with your fingers.
Name the curse you are casting.
On the count of four, make a sign with your fists.
Name the ward you are raising.
On the count of seven, make a sign with your palms.
Name the blessing you are giving.


Describe a recent dream to your partner.
Change partners. Describe your previous partner's dream to your new partner.
Continue changing partners and passing on dreams.
You win when your own dream comes back to you. You lose if you can no longer recognize it.


Say "I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with..." and name a concrete change you wish to effect in the world.
Other players take turns guessing the type of future you have committed yourself to realizing.
The winner is the player that transforms their community into its best self.