Stepball is a lively team sport for people who don't need all that running around. Combining handball with rock-paper-scissors, Stepball is played one step at a time; players must guess where their opponents are stepping in order to break free for a pass or cut off the ball. Victory in Stepball is determined not by raw athleticism, but by team strategy, smart passing, and sharp reading of opponents' intentions.

Stepball won the Best Sport award at Come Out & Play NY 2014, and was an Official Selection for IndieCade 2014.

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How To Play

Two teams play on a small field or court with end zones at either end. One player starts with the ball at the center of the field. A referee is in charge of managing gameplay.

When the referee calls out "STEP," all players (except the ballhandler) take exactly one step, all at the same time.

When the referee calls out "THROW," the ballhandler throws to a teammate while the opponent tries to block or intercept the ball. Players can stretch or pivot, but must keep one foot planted.

Play continues, STEP-THROW-STEP-THROW, until one team catches the ball in the other team's end zone. The first team to score X points wins!

(See The Compleat Rules of Stepball for more details.)

More Info

Designed by Floor Is Lava with help from Heather Browning and Alexei Othenin-Girard.

Playtested with help from Sandbox.